Began business in the late 1970s, when the Counties of Orange and Los Angeles, CA Officials contacted us for root pruning and root barrier installations.

It was immediately evident to us that the materials being used were not meeting the standards they were intended for. Hardscapes were being damaged 18-24 months after installation, causing liability issues as well as trip and fall hazards to the same locations that were “repaired” only a year or so prior, resulting in millions of dollars spent for a temporary fix.

We began to work diligently with Orange County and Los Angeles County Officials as well as the U.S. Forestry Department to research the issue and found that in nearly 100% of the installations, the root barriers were failing and causing major damage to surrounding hardscapes. Upon recognition of these fundamental errors, we deemed it unacceptable to continue use of these flawed products.

It was at this time that Floyd T. Smith, ISA Certified Arborist and Licensed Contractor, who founded Century Products, started making changes to the substandard products that were in use. He began to change the design of the existing root barriers by implementing new specifications and a more functional, durable and cost-effective material known as high-density polyethylene. In order to manufacture these root barrier rolls that reach our high standards, we designed and patented the process to create our uniquely effective and long- lasting line of advanced root barrier rolls. This gave way to us manufacturing the ONLY Dual Purpose Root and Water Barrier on the market. All of our products are approved by government and federal agencies nationwide.

Our company has evolved immensely to become the leader in hardscape protection by providing the landscape industry with high-quality and durable products that not only meet, but EXCEED specifications. For nearly three decades, we have been manufacturing high-grade materials and to this day we ALWAYS keep our customers in mind. From contractors and architects to homeowners and businesses, we are confident that choosing Century Products will result in communities around the world that are both aesthetically pleasing and safe for all who inhabit them.

Century Products