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1 Year Nutri-Pak Fertilizer Packets


Nutri-Paks are time release fertilizer packets that automatically fertilize your plants for years. Our fertilizer packets are manufactured with an additive, making them biodegradable and safe for the environment.

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Nutri-Paks scientifically- designed perforated packet ensures that nutrients are released at a slow and consistent rate for up to three years, dependent on packet purchased, with just one application. Each Nutri Pak fertilizer packet contains a pre measured amount of precisely formulated nutrients for proper feeding, with nothing to mix or measure.

All one must do is simply bury the packet near roots as directed, and because of the design of the packet, heavy rainfall and over-irrigation will not deplete the packets contents, the nutrients will stay put at the roots.

Our fertilizer packet is a system to supply nutrients to the plant in such a way that nutrient loss is minimized; fertilizer damage is averted, and labor and supply costs are greatly reduced. Our fertilizer packets are available in special nutrient formulations for a variety of plant species applications. For Trees, Shrubs & Evergreens we recommend our N-P-K formulation of 16-8-8.

This high nitrogen formulation will give your trees and shrubs good overall greening, growth and health, while also promoting good root development. We have also added 16% sulfur to this formulation for all of your acid-loving plant.

For Trees:
Use a minimum of 2 packets – trees with over 1 inch caliper trunks, use 2 packets per caliper inch of tree trunk diameter.

For Shrubs:
Use a minimum of 2 packets – shrubs over 24 inches, use 1 packet per 12 inches of plant height or spread.

For all plantings,
simply bury packets 6-8 inches deep near the plants roots. The packets should be spaced evenly around the dripline of established plantings, or around the root ball of new plantings.


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