Century Products delivered products directly to the site to be exclusively used throughout the entire state of the art stadium. This stadium was finally completed in March of 2012, ready for opening day the following month.

Our root barriers will protect thousands of fans coming and going from this incredible stadium from trip and fall hazards that occur when tree roots lift sidewalks and cause damage to hardscapes.

After such costly construction, the owners of Marlins Stadium wanted to make sure they got the best possible protection to sustain their beautiful new facility, which led them to choose Century Root Barriers when creating their stadium.

The zoo’s 133 acres are protected by Century Products to keep its patrons safe from trip or fall hazards through the use of our root barrier, used to prevent lifted or damaged hardscapes.

The Los Angeles zoo has gained the certification as a Botanical Garden and added such to their name in 2002. LA Zoo’s Botanical Gardens contain 800 different plant species with over 7,400 individual plants.

Along with this new title came several other renovations to the zoo, including its parking lot and main entrance, in order to improve the quality of the environment for the facility and its surrounding areas



It was also one of the best supervised projects done of its magnitude. Every single piece of material was thoroughly inspected each step of the way by the architects in charge of this project.

Every product we supplied passed the rigorous inspection process and was used at this hotel to preserve and sustain the hard work that was done in planting 50 ton trees. Our root barriers will make sure that these enormous trees will not damage the surrounding hardscape for years to come.

All facilities of the Olympic Centre and its surrounding cities underwent renovations to improve the look and safety of the facility for its locals, patrons and athletes.

Our root barrier rolls have been predominately used throughout Australia’s fast-growing urban centers, to protect the hardscapes and pedestrians from costly trip and fall hazards.



Our slope guard was designed by an L.A. Arborist to address the cost and hassle of planting trees on slopes and hillsides. Before our slope guards, the way of addressing this issue cost 75% more than it does now.

They used to use concrete or redwood guards which could cost upwards of $100 per tree dependent on size. Our cost effective slope guard addresses all of the big problems associated with hillside tree planting, can be used on any size tree and is extremely easy to install

With over 125 trees installed along the Fort Worth Stockyards and Mule Alley, the Century root barriers installed along with the trees will effectively preserve the historic hardscapes for many years to come.

Our root barriers are safely housing giant maple and oak trees along Mule Alley while protecting its precious, historic hardscapes by preventing costly damage from tree roots breaking up the newly brick-paved sidewalks and streets. Our 18″, 24″, 36″, and 48″ root barrier panels were prominently used in the restoration.