Century Root Barrier Products are expertly designed by ISA-certified arborists, exquisitely made to last, and exclusively produced in the United States with the finest materials.

ISA-Certified Arborist
tested and approved
landscaping solutions

With all of our products manufactured in the USA using sustainable materials, Century Products provides expertly designed products that are made to last. Our landscaping solutions are integral to keep homes, cities, and businesses safe from destructive tree roots causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, as well as preventing trip and fall hazards.

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Install Century Root Barriers within minutes

Paired with a GeoRipper, installing Century Root Barriers can be done within minutes! Simply slide to lock our Root Barrier Panels together to assemble, or simply unroll our Root Barrier Rolls to start the installation!

Strong, secure seams

Interlocking connections on Century Root Barrier Panels make it easy and secure to assemble by connecting panels together with the slide-to-lock mechanism. These panels have been field tested and proven by landscaping experts and ISA-certified arborists.

Every size and shape to fulfill your landscaping needs

Available in 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, and 36″ heights, you can find the right Root Barrier Rolls or Panels for your project! Incredibly durable yet malleable, these Root Barriers can fit and bend into any space you need it to.


Prevent thousands of dollars in damage with
Century Root Barrier and other Century Products

Explore Century Root Barriers and other Century Products


Root Problems?  We Care.

At Century Products, we’re dedicated to help you prevent thousands of dollars in damage, provide solutions to your landscaping problems, and fulfill your landscaping needs. We source and manufacture all of our products in the United States to ensure our products are durable, sustainable, and made to last! We work with various landscape architects and an ISA-certified arborist to design and develop the most effective, finest quality landscape protection products available in the market.

Let us help you fulfill your landscaping needs, support your landscape, and prevent costly damage by calling us at (714) 632 – 7083, emailing us at tom@crbtools.com, or visiting us at 1144 Grove St, Anaheim, CA 92806

Certified ISA Arborist approved

Field tested & proven by landscaping specialists

ISA Arborist approved and endorsed, Century Products manufactures the most versatile and advanced root barrier on the market today at the cost of 30% to 40% less than our competitors with maximum protection.

Manufactured in the USA

from recycled polyethylene with ultra violet inhibitors

Century Products Root Barriers are backed by a material warranty. Our Dual Purpose Root and Water Barrier rolls are the most effective on the market today that meet and exceed all landscape standard specifications.

effective solutions

With extraordinary quality

Designed to protect utilities, water infiltration tanks and IT lines, these panels have a new flexible connection that enables the panels to be shaped for better coverage, as well as custom options to fit any special application.

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